What I Believe In

What I Believe In

I want to join the Richmond City Council to continue moving Richmond forward in a manner that respects its citizens and heritage. I understand that safe streets, good schools, and economic opportunity will continue to advance the City of Richmond. I know that affordable housing and the Fight for Fifteen are necessary for immediate survival. I also know that issues in wealth, economics, education, and social mobility are systemic and if we are to truly transcend them we must aggressively attack them at their root and nourish fertile ground in Richmond. I understand that community engagement and economic opportunity are prerequisites and catalysts to closing those gaps.

As a member of Richmond City Council, I would lean on my experience working in diverse capacities on behalf of the city I love. The people of Richmond need someone who is a product of Richmond’s history, community, and policies to serve on our City Council with a direct and strategic focus for overcoming our systemic issues. I will advocate on the peoples’ behalf so that no one is left behind or pushed out. Instead I will fight to ensure city opportunities and priorities are conducive to the well-being of all Richmond citizens. It’s going to take someone with a new approach steeped in Richmond community values to overcome enduring challenges. Richmond has the unique opportunity to serve as a national model for sustainable, equitable community building in the 21st century and beyond. I believe I have the experience, passion, and vision to move Richmond further into an equitable future for all.

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